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October 18th, 2004

spankful_sprite @ 08:10 pm: Public Entry - Housekeeping.
This is a public service announcement.

Welcome to retro__sex!

Thank you to everyone for your support in making this a interesting and fun community. You make my life very easy, by being such a well mannered and raunchy group of people that have great taste in pictures.

Im making this a public entry (and thus 'sticky') for people to easily reach me if they have concerns or queries. For example Im finding that some people still are not emailing me their date of birth if they dont have it listed on their info page.

As always, check the info page of this community if you are wanting to see what goes on behind locked posts.

Thanks again, gorgeous ones!


September 23rd, 2004

piratejessmess @ 09:58 pm: my Bettie site
i was going through things and i found my OLD Bettie Page web site that i made about 2 years ago.
check it out if you want to


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